RADJA PUBLIKA is an official Publishing, Research and Scientific Publication Institute and registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia.

This institution is ready to assist students, lecturers, and researchers in publishing scientific articles in several fields through the following international journals.


  • International Journal of Economic, Business, Accounting, Agriculture Management and Sharia Administration (IJEBAS)

    This journal aims to examine new breakthroughs and current issues regarding advances in science and technology in the fields Economics, Business, International Management, Islamic Finance, Sharia Administration, Sharia Economics, Accounting, Agriculture Management and Agriculture Economics by publishing high-quality research on current issues within the scope of the social and humanities sciences and digital technology science in emerging markets/countries and developed destinations. Because the biggest window of change is information to answer the challenges of this digital revolution term. Now we must dare to innovate and continue to get to the future.

    We invite business people, social scientists, industry experts and academic scholars to take part in our journal readers, writers and reviewers.

    This journal accepts research articles in the fields of Applied Business, Economics,  International Management, Islamic Finance, Sharia Administration, Sharia Economics, Accounting, Agriculture Management and Agriculture Economics. The journal is published six times a year (February, April, June, August, October, December)

    E-ISSN: 2808-4713

  • International Journal of Educational Review, Law And Social Sciences (IJERLAS)

    This journal accepts articles on results of the research in fields of Educational Review, Law And Social Sciences which are the latest issues from the results of activities or practical implementations that are problem solving, comprehensive, meaningful, latest and sustainable findings with clear goals and visionary in various activities that have innovation and creativity. So that they do not just replicate the same activities in different places but must have to measurable results and impacts for society and support the achievement of the goals set in modern human development.

    E-ISSN: 2808-487X

  • International Review of Practical Innovation, Technology and Green Energy (IRPITAGE)

    International Review of Practical Innovation, Technology and Green Energy (IRPITAGE) is a community service journal that presents the results of scientific community service. Contains all forms of novelty innovations in both scientific science and technology, as well as issues of limited energy and the social environment in society.

    This journal is intended as a medium for scientific studies of community service results from implementation, thoughts and critical-analytic studies on various issues that can be utilized both nationally and internationally. The scientific community service article is in the form of a study of the implementation that can be accounted for and disseminated nationally and internationally. IRPITAGE Journal from Radja Publika as part of the spirit of disseminating knowledge resulting carried out by researchers. The IRPITAGE Journal from Radja Publika provides articles that can be downloaded for free with a schedule of publications 3 (three) times a year.


    Multidiciplinary Output Research For Actual and International Issue (MORFAI) journal is a multidisciplinary open access journal published (four) times a year. 

    The journal continuously recei­ves contributions that offer constructive ideas, analysis, and discussions, in the forms of reviews, articles, and reports concerne­d with interdisciplinary approaches. The MORFAI welcomes a wide range of theoretical, empirical, and historical perspectives. Possible articles’ topics include, but are not limited to the following: Economics, Political Science, Law, International Business and Management, Medical Research, Public Health, Sociology, Anthropology, Ethnography, Education and Religious Studies.

    Benefits of Publishing a Multidisciplinary Devotion Journal:

    • Ease of submission and author care — Authors are allowed to submit their work through the Open Journal System.
    • Open Access — Free to readers, with an affordable article processing fee (APC) paid by the author or their institution.
    • Speed ​​— We apply In-Press to all accepted manuscripts and provide peer review to maintain the integrity of the information.
    • Visibility — With our open access policy, we are committed to promoting your work as widely as possible and providing as much visibility and exposure as possible for your articles.
    • Multisection — Authors have the option to publish articles and technical notes
    • Indexing — Articles Are Indexed Locally and Internationally